Taking Action: Help Decide My Hair’s Fate

The house at 3500 Harriet was destroyed by fire on the morning of March 21st, 2012.

One of the five residents, Adam Briesemeister, awoke to the blaze and was able to wake his roommates, ultimately saving their lives.  Tragically, Adam wasn’t able to escape.

Four good friends, Beth Cullen, Joe Sullivan, Sadie Norlin, and Dave Tatarek lost their hero and most of their belongings.  One recently was able to leave the hospital and is recovering from injuries sustained from the event.

A tremendous burden is left for these folks as they try to recover and rebuild their lives. Here is my contribution.

I am offering my hair for benefit. Tonight at the Turf Club I will shave my head if that is the will of the most donations. Via PayPal:

  • Send money to shaveadour@gmail.com so that on the evening of May 10th I will get my head shaved at the Turf Club.

All proceeds will go to help out the these folks.